What if every dollar you earned was just steps away from your family room?
Looking to make $1,000, $2,000 or even $5,000 a month flexibly from home?
Every detail to find your first paying client in as little as 1 week.
This is my office for the past 10 years.  (I heart Ikea!)  It brings me joy and satisfaction and an income that works for my busy mom-life.
For VA's and Professional Service Providers
​​​​​​​A Business In A Box Shipped Direct To You
Step-By-Step Training to Become a VA 
(AKA Virtual Assistant, or my preferred term, Virtual Professional)
An Instructional Manual and Guided Journal plus Online Video Training that teach you:
  • Where To Find the Best Professional Virtual Work
  • What to say in emails and interviews to win the projects
  • How to present your skills with confidence 
  • The hottest skills needed to be a VA (and how to learn them quickly)
  • How to set up virtual work agreements that are flexible for your family needs
Your Starter Kit Is Mailed To Your Home And Includes:
The VP Starter Kit Instructional Guide: 100+ pages of content and action oriented worksheets guiding you through each step
30 Day Quick Start Journal: an action step and journal prompt each day for 30 days so you can have your business operational (even finding your first paying client in a week!)
Video Training: 4+ hours of in depth video training guiding you through all the steps in the instructional guide
Partner Discounts: (add hire my mom here +  contracts )
Fun Motivation:  Jewelry, Decor and other fun self-care items with fun messages to keep you focused (items vary....it's a surprise in each box!)
Our Virtual Professional Collective Community:  3 months of access to our Collective with twice a month group calls, Facebook Group support and a library of additional trainings.
The only program to take you step-by-step and provide all the templates and tools you need to start or grow your virtual professional business.
Everything you need to start your professional work-from-home business
Including Bonus Discounts from Hire My Mom!
My favorite place to rapidly find professional work for moms who need flexibility.
The fastest path to work-from-home cash is as a service provider.
"Can you do this?" 

"Yes! For $250"
"Ok, what's your paypal?"

See how easy that is?  No products. No selling.  Just you, your brain and your laptop.

Who is this for? 
Anyone looking to use their "professional skills" but doing flexible work from home as a freelancer.

There are 3 core types of Virtual Work.
Administrative.  Creative.  Technical.

Here are some common tasks for each of these virtual professional skillsets:

All the details and organization
  • Customer Support
  • Editing and formatting
  • Website updates
  • Follow up and filing
  • Emails & Calendars
  • Book keeping
Graphics, Copy, Social Media
  • Graphic design
  • Social Media Management
  • Video editing
  • Writers
Websites, System Setup, Process
  • Wordpress website install and maintenance
  • Email funnels
  • Course and membership setup
  • System setup & processes
The Virtual Professional Starter Kit includes the details for Administrative, Creative or Technical Virtual Professionals & VA's including:
How to price your services by hours or packages
How to describe your packages and services so they are appealing and clear
The exact Scope of Work for each type of work
What makes you stand out in your speciality
Exact skills you need to move up in rates
Special Pre-Order Only Pricing!
Starter Kits begin shipping November 15th.
Pre-order and receive immediate access to our Virtual Professional Digital Library
Virtual Professional Starter Kit
100+ page Instructional Guide with lessons and worksheets
Dozens of printable worksheets and templates, including Scope of Work templates
Over 25 video lessons teaching you specific steps to start and grow your business
30 Day Quick Start Journal to keep you on track
Discounted membership to HireMyMom (the best place for moms to find virtual work)
Meaningful, motivational care package to adorn you and your home office
3 Months Access to the Virtual Professional Collective private community
  • 30
  • 09
  • 25
  • 43
You Will Learn:
  • Why the industry is so ripe for talent right now
  • Why positioning yourself as a "Virtual Professional" and not just a VA is the right strategy
  • Case Study:  Corporate Quitter to work-from-home pro in 90 days
  • Case Study:  Stay-at-home (homeschooling!) Mom adds $2k per month to her family income
  • 10 jobs and skills that transition easily to virtual work
  • Checklist for all the steps (there really aren't many) to start (or grow) your Virtual Pro Business
Designing Your Virtual Professional Business
You Will Learn:
  • How to align your passions with your Virtual Professional business
  • Defining Virtual Work tasks and hours that match your family needs
  • Where your strengths stand out and can be leveraged as a Virtual Pro
  • Example Business Designs for each type of Virtual Pro:   Administrative, Creative and Technical
Defining Your Services & Pricing
You Will Learn:
  • How to appropriately price your services to be a no-brainer value for your clients
  • Ways to present and package your services that are super clear to your clients
  • When and how to move from hourly to packaged prices
  • Leveraging a niche or specialty to grow rapidly
  • Setting yourself up for recurring work 
Finding Clients & Projects!
You Will Learn:
  • Using your network - what, how and when to ask
  • Staying connected to prospects and their needs so you are on the top of their mind
  • How to read job postings in online groups and communities to find legit, reliable clients
  • Understanding and leveraging the seasonality of Virtual Work
  • Effective prospecting in Facebook groups
  • Mastering FlexJobs for leads
  • Finding High Dollar clients
  • What and how to offer into your local business
  • Setting yourself up for no-marketing-needed ongoing referral work
The Simple System To Deliver Your Services Efficiently and with Quality
You Will Learn:
  • The exact contracts, templates and systems to use
  • How to efficiently onboard and organize client work so nothing is lost or overlooked
  • Avoiding the small mistakes that cost you lost contracts, time and money
  • Taxes, Insurance and Legal needs - keeping it simple but effective
  • Managing difficult clients
  • Setting up contracts that are win-win for you and your clients
  • The tools, systems and setup you need to succeed (for less than $50 / month!)
Fast & Simple Marketing That Keeps The Cash Flowing
You Will Learn:
  • Example Portfolio Templates that WOW your prospects
  • Basic setup for Facebook marketing that doesn't suck the life out of you (hint: you don't have to spend many hours there at all!)
  • Quick and Simple logo design that makes you look like a Pro
  • Marketing Copy:  What to say about you and your skills to present yourself well
  • Why you don't need a blog or an opt-in if you're marketing right
  • Winning your niche (with class!)
My checklist of the top skills and how to learn them for FREE and how to hack your learning method to learn them RAPIDLY.
Life, Mental Games and Balancing it all:  Personal Development for Your Virtual Professional Business
The #1 thing missing in the work-from-home business space is tools to support all the madness in our brains as we undertake this exciting new venture.   Sister, I've birthed and raised 4 kids and started multiple businesses.  I couldn't leave this topic out.  

You Will Learn:
  • Online hacks for working mom efficiency
  • Make the most of the 5, 10 or 20 hours a week you have to really dedicate to your business
  • Understanding why we "over-goal" and underestimate
  • Freedom from self-doubt and criticism
  • Getting things done when our babies (at any age) are always top priority
  • How do we get our spouse on board?
Check Out These Example Virtual Work Opportunities Available Everyday:
57.3 million Americans are freelancing (36 percent of the U.S. workforce) and contribute approximately $1.4 trillion annually to the economy, an increase of almost 30% since last year.
Hi, I'm Lori Mercer.
Creator of the Virtual Professional Starter Kit

Mom of 4.  Online Business Owner, Strategist and Implementer.

For over 10 years now I've been a Virtual Professional (yes before Facebook and back when we hand coded HTML websites!).

In 2014, I left my corporate job for good.  Immediately, my client work increased and I discovered that there was an abundance of virtual work and a LACK of quality Virtual Professionals.
Yet all around me are moms looking for flexible, legit, part time work from home (that doesn't require selling to your friends and family.)

I created my Virtual Work Mentoring program and have personally helped dozens of women with that program.

This Virtual Professional Starter Kit allows you to get started with actual physical work books teaching all the steps to start or grow your flexible work from home business.
This is Virtual Professional Mom Life.
Every year my kids got older, I knew it would be more and more difficult to work a heavy corporate job.  My goal was to exit by the time they got to middle school (and I almost made it!)

I'm serious about the work I do for clients.  But have the flexibility (and complete lack of guilt!) to make middle of the day doctors appointments, end early for a soccer game or simply take an afternoon off to be with one of my kids who needs me.

Do you have a high schooler yet?  It's no joke!  They've kept me on my toes (especially Senior year!)

My life is far from perfect but this part time, flexible virtual work life meets the demands.. 

I lost my dad to cancer but was able to be flexible with my work during that season. 

I walked my daughter through a difficult battle with anorexia. 

I'm now a divorced single mom to these crew. 

And my business is still thriving.... thanks in large part to my own team of Virtual Professional Moms who support me.

$1000 - $2000 a month can be a game changer for many families and your services a life-saver for the right client.
Lori's Programs Have An 80% Success Rate.
Hear from some happy Virtual Professional program participants:
I have been blessed to have Lori as a mentor while building my own virtual professional business. Not only does she encourage me to utilize my skills, she gives me insight on the most sought after services. Lori is a natural mentor asking clarifying questions and providing direct answers with next steps and real life examples. She has provided me with the tools I need to move forward and provide my clients the most up to date solutions. 
Virtual Professional
With Lori’s guidance and mentoring, my social media management and Facebook advertising business are on a strong foundation. Lori helped take the overwhelm out of growing the business and guided me with actionable steps. I’m incredibly grateful for all her support and mentoring and highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about growing their virtual professional business.
Virtual Professional
Lori Mercer's mentorship has been invaluable to my marketing consulting business. Her advice is always real, honest and supportive. She shares her personal journey to illustrate what can be done, encourages thinking outside of the box and really wants to see you succeed!
Virtual Professional
Go Pro.  From home, mama.
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